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JKC Barsana Dr. Sandhya Swami's Experience at JKC Barsana

I, Dr Sandhya Swami, am practicing as ophthalmic surgeon since 2 years in JKC - Barsana. Previously I was practicing in my private nursing home since 18 years independently. Shree Maharaj Ji gave me inspiration to give charity service in JKC, Barsana.

JKC is 100% charitable hospital. Through this mission Shree Maharaj Ji is giving his divine blessing to doctors, staff & patients. Base of this hospital is physically, mentally and spiritually oriented.

Physically, JKC provides facilities for indoor & outdoor patients.

Outdoor facilities include:

  1.  Computerized Eye Testing
  2. A Scan
  3. Slit Lamp Examination
  4. Indirect & Direct Ophthalmoscopy
  5. Investigation for Glaucoma.

 Indoor facilities include:

  1. Cataract Operation – Phaco & SICS
  2. Glaucoma Operation
  3. Other microscopic surgeries with advanced equipments.

Most of the patients in ‘’Braj’’ are Sadhu-Sanyasis, Tyagis and poor people. For these patients JKC provides operative & medical treatment of best quality.

Though it is charitable we are maintaining the quality as provided by private sector. Due to this, patients are increasing day by day.

Spiritual orientation of hospital is ‘’Jeev Kalyan’’. Because of Shree Maharaj Ji’s blessing & moral support we are handling very complicated cases also & getting good results. For example

  1. Long Standing Lens Induced Glaucoma – gaining vision.
  2. Uncontrolled Diabetes.
  3. Bilateral Cataract with Corneal degeneration.
  4. Cases rejected from elsewhere.

Within a span of two years my every operative patient has got vision. So it is the MAGIC to get 100% response of in 100 % Charitable.

Doing ‘’Sewa’’ in Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay, I am getting spiritual as well as mental satisfaction.