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JKC Barsana Dr. Lata Tyagi's Experience at JKC Mangarh

It will be imperative here to narrate a titillating experience of a 15 yr old girl. The girl was quite all right in her childhood. Gradually as she grew up, she started her school and even passed up to class 5. After that her scalp was infected by Dandruff. At an early stage she was not vigilant over it.

Due to Poverty, the poor village children generally suffer from lack of vitamins and proteins and moreover do not maintain proper cleanness of their body. She was also a victim of the same. Firstly, she suffered from a mild dandruff but due to not cleaning her head and lack of proper vitamins and proteins in food, the dandruff grew worse and she developed nits and lice in her scalp. Ultimately, the lice made wounds in her whole scalp, weakened the hair roots resulting in hair fall at a very high rate.

Due to lack of money, she couldn’t get proper treatment and thus the disease grew extremely worse. Sometime in between she took medication from some unqualified village so called doctor but without any relief to her problem. Ultimately she got bald. As, she was ashamed of the baldness, she started covering her head with a cloth. The wounds grew watery with pus but not just that. As a matter of fact it started rotting with worms coming out of her scalp. She and her parents were truly troubled & depressed.

By word of mouth, she heard about our hospital from some patients who had considerably benefitted from here and advised her parents to consult our charitable hospital. Her parents came with her to us with great hope. The girl told her entire history to the doctor and Naturopathy Treatment was decided. Her total diet was changed according to Naturopathy. Every morning and evening she was given lemon water, only raw food, raw vegetables, viz. Cucumber, Tomato, Radish Juice, Sprouted Moong, Vegetable Juice & Soup, Fruit Juice, Green Coriander & Mint Juice and Sauce etc. She was forbidden to take Rice, Pulses, Fried Items, Sugar, Chili, Tea, Bread and all sorts of junk foods.

All types of naturopathy treatments were given to her. Within two months all her wounds started healing and even small hair started growing. Within 3-4 months her hair had re-grown and covered her full head and she restored her health once again.   

Concisely in our hospital thousands of patients are getting cured and for this act of humanity, the entire credit goes to our Gurudev, “Jagadguru 1008 Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj”. He has bestowed his divine grace upon the poor villagers by founding an absolutely free Multi Facility Hospital with all treatments and medications free and upon us doctors and staff by giving us the privilege to serve the mankind.