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JKC Barsana Dr. A. P. Dash's Experience at JKC Mangarh

Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay is combination of spiritual and material component. Jagadguru Kripalu is the spiritual part and Chikitsalay is material part. It is different from others as others have only material part.

Out of 38 years of my medical profession since last 6 years I am working here as a Doctor. Here I feel like a Puppet (Nimitt), everything is being done by someone through me. Regarding spiritual part of this hospital, I can’t express anything in words. It is a feeling that can’t be written or told in words.

In our profession first we write Rx – meaning Thy Receipe in other words I give and he cures. It is cent percent true in this Chikitsalay but not in any other hospital. It is unique amongst all the medical institutions in world which one can only realize after practically visiting and observing it.

Here, there is only one “Doctor” Dr. Jagadguru Kripalu, the other so called Doctors and Staff are like Robots.

Regarding the patients and attendants visiting this hospital, I will mention few important events.

  • Patient once told me, “Doctor Saheb, if your medicine and money can cure a patient then why the rich man and even doctors are suffering and dying. We come here only for blessing of baba which is mediated through you and your medicine.”
  • The patients declared to be incurable with diseases like Transversemylitis, Myopathies, Rheumatism, and Cancer are cured here and I don’t know how. Definitely some spiritual power is working which depends only on faith and belief.
  • One patient when came to me expressed that, “Doctor I am half cured by sight of Baba (Maharaj Ji) and I believe I will be cured fully now in this hospital.”
    NOTE: The patient returned from A.I.M.S., Delhi and S.G.P.G.I., Lucknow declared non curable. 

Several Congenital spastic paraplegia have been cured and one of them now is working in JKP’s Bhakti Mandir as Shoe Keeper.

Over and above all it is my personal feeling that here there is not only professional practice but also spiritual practice. Every doctor feels the presence of god in the patient and he becomes the sevak (servant) of the patient who being the sevya (master).