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JKC Barsana Dr. Pragya Upadhyay's Experience at JKC Barsana

By the grace of Shree Maharaj Ji, I, Dr. Pragya Upadhyay have got this golden opportunity to serve Brajwasis & Saints since the opening of this charitable hospital which is our ultimate goal. Even after seeing hundreds of patients, instead of getting tired & exhausted, I experience so much satisfaction & enthusiasm to work more, serve more. The environment of hospital is so generous that I never felt mentally tired.

Shree Maharaj Ji frequently visits our hospital & encourages us to give selfless service (Nishkaam Sewa) to patients with much pleasure & realizing its importance. Very sick patients who have lost all the hopes of getting better have overcome their illness; it’s only due to Shree Maharaj Ji’s grace.

This hospital has proved a boon to thousands of Sadhu’s who never leave Braj and who have dedicated their life in Radhakrishna Bhakti.

There are many cases which have got cured from our hospital. I will mention a few here.

CASE -1:  A 60 year old saint of Braj, met with an accident few years back, had a crush injury. There was an open wound in his foot which had over grown from its site & had lost pain sensation. He got treated from many well known hospitals but the wound got worse. As it is he couldn’t afford the high cost of medical fees in regular dressings. He thought he had to live with it. But things got changed when he landed up here. The wound was completely healed in a short period of one month, just by a minor surgery & regular dressings.

CASE -2:  A 5 year old girl presented with all signs & symptoms of Tetanus, when doctors from nearby hospitals denied to handle the case, they brought the child to this hospital with much faith of getting better & got completely cured within a week.

Whatever serious cases we handle, is not a big deal for doctors in big cities with large well equipped hospitals but in a small hospital like ours with limited facilities, patients getting better is a great achievement for us & it is all because of  Shree Maharaj Ji’s infinite Kripa (Grace).


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr, Pragya Upadhyay, JKC – Barsana