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Since its inception, JKC has gained support of many professionals who have joined hands together to help JKC in fulfilling its mission. They have been rendering charity service by providing best possible medical assistance to the lower strata of the society without expecting anything in return except mental satisfaction.

The professionals both resident and visiting rendering charity services at JKC – Mangarh are mentioned as under:


JKC Mangarh Resident Practioners & Therapists

The resident practitioners reside within the hospital campus and have dedicated their remaining life to serve JKC – Mangarh by providing medical service to its patients. They are

Allopathy Discipline –

1. Dr. Alekh P. Dash, MBBS, MS
2. Dr. Usha Arora            , MBBS, M.D (Obs. & Gyn.)
3. Dr. Shanti P. Jena, MBBS, M.D (Radiology)
4. Dr. Bijaynand Mohanty, MBBS, MS (Opth.)
5. Dr. Manisha Choudhary, MBBS.
6. Dr. Shailaja Shekhar, BDS.
7. Mr. Santosh Vaijwade, B.P. Th. (Physiotherapy)


Alternative Medicine


Homoeopathy Discipline –

8. Dr. Chetna Patel, BHMS
9. Dr. Shweta Badghare, BHMS

Naturopathy Discipline –

10. Ms. Amrita Mishra, N.D.
11. Mr. Sanjay Tyagi, N.D.D.Y.
12. Ms. Shwet Lata Tyagi, N.D.D.Y.

Acupressure Discipline –

13. Mr. Edward Radhey, D.A.A.H.S.
14. Ms. Karuna Sharma, D.A.A.H.S.


JKC – Mangarh > Visiting Practitioners

The visiting practitioners rendering services at JKC – Mangarh come from various places such as Kunda, Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow and even from as far as Orissa. They are

Allopathy Discipline
From Kunda: -

1. Dr. Dhirendra P. Singh, MBBS
2. Dr. Animesh Biswas, MBBS

From Lucknow: -

3. Dr. Yadavendra Dhir Singh, MBBS, MS (Surgeon on Call)

From Allahabad

4. Dr. Rahul Dixit, MBBS, MD.
5. Dr. Puneet Upadhyay, BDS.
6. Dr. Asha Jaiswal, MBBS.
7. Dr. Rajendra Tripathi, MBBS, DCH

From Raebarelli: -

8. Dr. Ashok Chaudhary, MBBS, MS (Orth.).
9. Dr Niteesh Gupta, MBBS, DNB (Orth.).

From Orissa

10. Dr. Sriniwas Hota, MBBS; MS (Opth.)

From Nepal

11.Dr. Govind Prasad Paudyal, MBBS, MD. (Vitero-Retinal Surgeon on Call)

Ayurvedic Discipline
From Allahabad

12. Dr. Subhash. C. Rai, B.A.M.S.

From Jaunpur, Varanasi
13. Dr. Laxmi Shankar Upadhyay, B.A.M.S.