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Patients visiting JKC - Mangarh may find the guidelines mentioned underneath useful in assisting themselves to avail a complete knowledge of the following & benefit from the services provided by the hospital.


Patient GuidePatients shall first avail a gate pass from the hospital personnel at the entrance gate of the hospital a day or two prior to their visit (This is done so as to limit the unprecedented rush at the hospital). After availing the gate pass, patients are allowed entrance to the Reception whereby they can give details of their case / illness. After registration the reception staff will guide the patients to respective OPD or treatment area.


Patient GuideSince JKC - Mangarh is a completely free hospital and patients are not charged for any service advised or prescribed by JKC physicians, thus Billing procedure is completely out of question.




Patient GuideAfter consultation with the doctor, any patient advised admission will have to return to the Reception Desk and get admission formalities completed. The admission will be arranged by the receptionist in co-ordination with casualty or wards. Categories of room such as private room, of different type and semi-private ward beds are available at the hospital to patients in need of isolation.



Patient GuideJKC - Mangarh is glad to receive visitors who come to visit patients as they keep the spirits of patients high and this assists in patient’s speedy recovery. However, visitors are permitted only during the visiting hours, which is 12 noon to 1 pm and 4 pm to 5pm daily. After the visiting hours, overstaying visitors would be asked to leave the hospital premises.


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