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Dr. A. Mishra & Dr. L Tyagi - Naturopathy ConsultantsGOD has created mankind using the five elements of nature that is – earth, water, fire, ether and air; in the same way Naturopathy believes that the cure to the disease of mankind lies in these five elements. Hence health and longevity arise from the body being maintained in its proper relation to its original sources.

Naturopathy shows how health can be maintained & improved by supplying the basic physical & mental needs in proper proportion. The internal insanitation is the basic cause of all diseases ranging from common cold to the dreaded cancer. Disease is, in reality, diminution in the health level and cure lies in the restoration of health, in the removal of the causes.

Therefore, Naturopathy is a treatment whereby patients are taught the art of living life. If a patient is able to learn it, he will be able to awaken his divine vital power thus regaining his health in a safe and hygienic way and having a happy long life.

Naturopathy Wing comprises of one of the largest department of JKC - Mangarh. Naturopathy is successful in curing many common and also some chronic diseases and ailments with the help of water, mudpacks, regulated diet and a host of other natural elements. It is not only a free & simple treatment but also free of harmful side effects. JKC provides naturopathic cures for nearly all common Acute and Chronic Diseases, Eczema, Blood Pressure, Anaemia, Jaundice, Epilepsy, Venereal Diseases, Goitre and so on.

Under the expert guidance of experienced Naturopathy Therapists, the trained personnel provide the following treatment to its patients in Naturopathy Department –

One Hour Yoga Exercises Daily

Wet Pack for the Waist



Jal Neti

Steam Bath

Sutra Neti

Spinal Bath / Jet Bath

Mud Packs

Hot & Cold Bath


Round Tub Bath

Hip Bath


Hot Foot Bath / Arm Bath



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