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Patients visiting JKC Barsana may find the guidelines below useful in planning their visit.


Patient Guide Patients will receive a gate pass from the hospital personnel at the entrance gate of the hospital in the morning before the gates open. This is done to limit the number of patients that the hospital can attend to in a day. Only patients with gate pass are allowed entrance to the Reception where they register themselves and obtain a patient card with their Patient Id number. This card is their id for the hospital. After registration the Reception staff will guide the patients to respective OPD or treatment area.



Patient Guide -Billing Since JKC Barsana is a completely free charitable hospital and patients are not charged for services and medicine received by JKC physicians, there is no billing that is done at the end of your visit.




Patient Guide Admission After consultation with the doctor, any patient advised admission goes back to the Reception Desk and gets admission formalities completed. The admission is arranged by the receptionist in co-ordination with casualty or wards. The patient is then taken the appropriate ward. Patients admitted to the hospital are provided meals and snacks as needed.




Patient Guide - visiting hours JKC Barsana welcomes visitors who come to visit patients as they keep the spirits of patients high which assists in the patient’s speedy recovery. However, visitors are not permitted to stay in the hospital wards overnight. Visitors may bring food for the patients.


General Information


Patients or their attendants in need of making any important calls can use one of the many STD/ ISD facilities available right outside the hospital.



There are several canteens and hotels outside the hospital campus food and lodging is available. The hospital provides meals only for the admitted patients.