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Pharmacy JKC Barsana JKC Barsana has an in-house Allopathy, Homoeopathy and an Ayurvedic Pharmacy which provides patients free medication as long as the patient is been treated at JKC. The pharmacies are equipped with a large stock of medication from most pharmaceutical companies. Patients are given only those medications that are prescribed by doctors at JKC Barsana.


IPD Located on the ground floor of the hospital, JKC Barsana has 15 beds for in-patients. The qualified and trained nurses who are serving as volunteers take care of the admitted patients. They are available round the clock to take care of patient's needs. The patient wards are well equipped with necessary patient-monitoring equipments and are designed to provide the patients a comfortable stay.


EmergencyJKC Barsana provides 24 hr emergency service to its patients. It has a properly equipped casualty ward with latest patient monitoring equipments. Well trained doctors and staff are available to handle emergency cases although in case of severe conditions, they are given first aid and then sent to bigger hospitals in Mathura or Agra.


Phisiotherapy Physiotherapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention (therapy using mechanical force and movements). The physiotherapy department at JKC Barsana has latest physiotherapy equipments such as Interferential Therapy Unit, Physio Ultrasound Unit, Physio Short-Wave Diathermy, Traction Unit and so on which is operated by a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapy Department of JKC helps patients' rehabilitation in various orthopedic conditions such as accidents, amputation and musclar malfunction.


Phisiotherapy Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of "natural" modalities, including exercise, yoga, use of natural elements for treatment such as soil and water as well as diet and lifestyle counseling. It takes a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment and generally avoids the use of surgery and drugs. The guiding principles of naturopathy include treating the causes of disease, by identifying and removing the underlying causes of illness, rather than suppressing symptoms, emphasizing prevention by recommending appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent illness, and enhancing the healing power of the body, by recognizing and removing obstacles to the body's inherent self-healing process. The naturopathy department at JKC Barsana has two resident Naturopathy doctors and a spaceous ward for treatment procedures. Many patients with long term illnesses have found relief by naturopathy treatment.