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Pathology Investigations

Pathology Investigations JKC Barsana Pathology Investigation is a unique medical specialty. Pathologists serve as consultants to physicians in diagnosing the cause of physical problems. To facilitate pathology investigations, JKC Barsana has a fully equipped in-house pathology lab with latest and modern equipments and machineries like Transasia ERBA Chem-5 Plus Semi Automatic Blood Analyzer, Transasia EASYLYTE Fully Automatic Analyzer and Transasia 18 Para Fully Automatic Blood Cell Counter – KX 21.

All common investigations such as hematology, serology, biochemistry, urine, stool & sputum tests are done in the pathology lab for free for all its patients. These tests are performed for all out-patients, in-patients & emergency patients. JKC physician's referral is necessary for all lab tests.

The pathology lab is manned by experienced specialists and qualified technicians capable of processing reports in a reasonable amount of time and also maintaining regular & quality control assurance. Under the constant guidance of expert pathologists, the department keeps abreast with the latest developments in the field of laboratory medicine.


Radiology & Imaging

Radiology & Imaging JKC Barsana There is an in-house Radiology and Imaging unit at JKC Barsana with X-Ray and Ultrasound facility. The department has advanced machineries such as 500 MA Allengers X-Ray Machine & Philips Ultrasound Machine (Envisor CHD) operated by trained qualified personnel. All X-Ray and Ultrasound services are performed free of cost for patients of JKC Barsana. A JKC Barsana physician's referral in required for using this facility.


ECG Chart ECG is an important and basic diagnostic tool in Cardiology to determine the status of heart of the patients. JKC Barsana has free ECG service for its patients. ECG is performed with a modern Philips ECG machine.