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National Progrmmes

Catract WorkshopApart from the medical camps held, JKC - Barsana also participates in National Programmes such as -  

Mother Child Welfare Centre

This is a Vaccination Programme where mother and child get vaccinated against 6 fatal diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, tuberculosis, and measles.

Polio Vaccination Booth

JKC - Barsana holds Polio-Vaccination Booth as per the dates of the National Programme and encourages their existing and new patients from beforehand to get their children to the booth for the polio-vaccination drop.

DOTS/ DMC Centre

JKC - Barsana holds a DMC (District Microscopic Centre) under RNTCP, administers DOTS (Direct Observed Treatment) to all tuberculosis patients wherein they are given their daily dosage of T.B. medications by the Hospital’s personnel. The aim of DOTS programme is to eradicate T.B. from its region and thus it helps patients fighting with T.B. by ensuring that they take their medications regularly and properly and avoid default cases.


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